Athens and beyond…cities in financial/economic/social crisis

‘How does a global financial crisis permeate the spaces of the everyday in a city?’

An exploration through film, presentations, and discussion of Athens, a city in crisis and under authoritarian control. Are the same features appearing, if less starkly but just as insidiously, elsewhere? What is to be done? Check out the virtual special issue of CITY here for related articles – free access!

How does a global financial crisis permeate the spaces of the everyday in a city?

Contributions from:

Costas Lapavitsas, economist, SOAS

Lila Leontidou, geographer, Hellenic Open University

Dimitris Dalakoglou, anthropologist, University of Sussex

AntonisVradis, geographer, University of Durham

Adam Elliott-Cooper, geographer, University of Oxford

Bob Catterall, editor, CITY

Saturday, 11 October, 6.00-9.00pm, at the Khalili Theatre, SOAS

The Khalili Lecture Theatre is on the lower ground floor of main College buildings (see

Presented by CITY with crisis-scape ( and co-organised with RMF at SOAS (

An introductory quote (below)?

‘Is the anxious, authoritarian, militarized city of self-avowedly fascist police and pitched civil war our present-future? Is this the fate of urbanity itself in our millennial, post-historical times? Is Athens, the purported birthplace of those secular forms we came to so faithfully value— democracy, the polis, the public—the harbinger of their demise?’’

Nasser Abourahme in his contribution to a special feature ‘Crisis-scape: Athens and beyond’, a special feature in CITY, 18.4-5 (early October, 2014)

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