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City is an academic journal, primarily meant for academics, students and policy analysts – but, City, has another distinctive characteristic. From its inception, the journal has sought to provide analysis and comment from a broad range of voices; to blur disciplinary boundaries; to bridge the often too-wide void between academia and the public; to weave theory and analysis into the fabric of practical experience, real struggle and experience; the everyday lives of people who make up the human societies we are concerned about.

This is an ongoing challenge; providing rigorous research, theoretical perspectives and empirical examples for the academic audience, to contribute to ongoing debates in that sphere – and yet to avoid becoming disconnected from the people and sub-cultures that make up the real world around us; where our theories and ideas face the ultimate test of relevance.

This is a challenge – especially in the current period of human history, when – not mentioning the ongoing crises in the global economy, upsurge in right-wing politics, growing poverty, insecurity and continuing war – we also face two related transformations that will force us to question the very basis of our contemporary mode of existence: the end of oil and climate change.

But this is a challenge we must face. This site aims to provide a conduit for the critical academic and policy debates that have huge implications for our everyday lives in society; it also serves as a platform for parallel and less formal conversations about cities, the urban experience, human society, culture and politics; and finally, it provides a virtual sketchbook where ideas – experimental, playful, practical and serious – may be penned down, pinned up, shared and debated. Read more about City’s history in About >>

Melissa Wilson

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